To win online you need to stay on top of the web and your website. This is why you need TLS/SSL for your website. When your site uses TLS/SSL you get a boost in all three of these areas:

  1. Your site’s findability on Google.
  2. Your site’s security.
  3. Your site’s loading speed.

What is TLS/SSL

SSL, or TLS, is the security standard for accessing websites. It protects the information you send and receive on your website and blocks hackers. It improves your SEO on Google in multiple ways. It increases your website’s speed by enabling you to take advantage of HTTP2 (HTTP2 is the new version of the internet in a way).

For eCommerce SSL is very helpful and a must-have. It is very inexpensive for the value you receive and prices can start as low as $89 a year for the more secure certificate type. In some cases, you can get SSL for FREE.

Getting SSL

You can obtain an SSL Certificate for your site on GoDaddy. At Business Website Leader we have used a number of providers and GoDaddy has given us the best support when it comes to installing SSL on a website. However, NameCheap is another great provider we use for SSL as well.

When you purchase an SSL certificate you will need to send in documents validating your business exists. This is why SSL is so trusted.

Installing SSL Certificates

The installation process of an SSL certificate is not simple but the return on investment is well worth it. When you purchase an SSL certificate have your development team do the installation work.

All SSL certificates must be installed on your web server and not every website server is the same. You might hear terms like NGINX, Apache, or cPanel when it comes to your server but do not let that concern you. Having someone who understands how each server system works is key to installing your SSL certificate. You need the right team.

Finding the Right Team

Almost every web solutions team will know how to install an SSL certificate on your server. SSL is a fundamental part of the web today and will be the standard for every site in the near future. Ask your web team to help you and you will be on your way to improved Google ranking, better security, and more. As a business, you understand that staying proactive on the web is important. An SSL is just one solution in the mix, but it goes a long way to improving your opportunities online.

At Business Website Leader we continually push the important message that working a plan is the key to success. While SSL can improve your website in many ways working a plan leads to success online.