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Managed and Maintained

Hosting and Backups

Security and SSL

Fully Managed and Maintained by Professionals

Once You Have Your New Business Website Leader Website we Handle it All

  • Hosting fees are all covered
  • Blazing fast hosting
  • Scheduled website backups
  • Email us if you have support questions
  • Managed website security
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) included
  • Manage updates to WordPress platform
  • Feature updates to Business Website Leader
  • Gravity Forms and WP Rocket plugins fees
  • Access to Real Web Professionals

Your Investment

Save thousands when using Business Website Leader over the traditional agency.

Fully Managed Business Website

We Handle Everything for You

$5,975 + $300/month

Prefer to go with the Self Managed Business Website.

What Does it Cost?

Once we finish your new website, our ongoing support relationship is billed monthly at $300 or billed annually at $3,300.

When You Chose Business Website Leader

We put your $300 to work for you. Have peace of mind knowing you are ready for anything:

  1. Premium Kinsta hosting and CDN.
  2. Advanced WebP/AVIF image delivery with imgix.
  3. SSL and security.
  4. Premium WordPress plugin and upgrade costs (Gravity Forms, Search WP, WP All Import/Export, WP Rocket, and TypeRocket).
  5. Minor support requests (bugs on the site and other minor requests).
  6. Relevant content. We send out links or original content that can help your business stay up to date with what is happening in the digital space. This can be from marketing or notifications about new technology.
  7. Automatic security updates.
  8. Content backups.
  9. Configuring and managing your DNS as needed. We set you up with Cloudflare.
  10. Verified DKIM Authority email through Mailgun.
  11. Advanced unintrusive spam protection with Akismet.

When You Do It Yourself 

No matter how you chose to support your website, with Business Website Leader or another way, there are always costs involved. Here is what you need to consider:

  1. Hosting costs. Hosting your own website can cost from $5 - $100 a month depending on the quality you need.
  2. Advanced image processing for WebP/AVIF image delivery can cost from $0 - $50 a month.
  3. SSL cost. There are paid and free SSL certificates but regardless of choice, you need to renew and install your certificate each year or month. It is hard to say what costs you could expect for SSL but it can be from $0 - $100 a year.
  4. Bug fixes and updates to your website need to be made to keep your site safe and listed on Google. If you are not using a managed host like Kinsta you will need to consider code and server maintenance costs. This can be from $240 - $2000 a year.
  5. Email delivery is not something you might consider but you will need a transaction email provider that validates using SPF & DKIM. Email providers tend to be free but you may need to pay to have someone configure your website. Budget $300.
  6. WordPress plugins and other tools. Backups tools, contact forms creators, and caching. Depending on your hosting you may need a number of systems you did not expect. Budget $100 - $600 a year for those extra tools.

Overall these costs add up. You can expect $800 to $4,000 per year in costs if you do it yourself covering the equivalent of what Business Website Leader provides.

Get the Website Your Business Deserves

1. Schedule A Call

Talk to Kevin and Jeff to help you (and us) determine if we're a good fit for your business and goals.

2. Launch Your Website

We build a conversion-optimized website designed to generate leads quickly and consistently.

3. Grow Your Business

Watch your business grow as your website engages prospects and turns browsers into buyers.