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You Handle Everything Yourself

Once your new Business Website Leader website is live you take over and handle it yourself.

Self Managed & Maintained
Self Hosted & Backed up
Self Security & SSL

Self Managed and Maintained by You

Once you have your new Business Website Leader website live you take over.

  • You pay hosting fees
  • You setup your own hosting server
  • You schedule your own website backups
  • You manage your own website security
  • You pay and manage your SSL
  • You manage any updates to WordPress platform
  • You pay for plugins like Gravity Forms & WP Rocket
  • You are responsible for maintenance & support
  • You handle website bugs and fixes
  • You are fully in charge of your website

Your Investment

Save thousands when using Business Website Leader over the traditional agency.

Self Managed Business Website

You Got This


Prefer to go with a Fully Managed Business Website.

Be Confident in Your Business Website

1. Schedule A Call

Discuss your business with Kevin and Jeff and decide the best way to move forward.

2. Launch Your Website

We build your website on our custom WordPress platform designed to generate leads quickly and consistently.

3. Grow Your Business

Invest your time and energy in your business while your engaging website educates your clients and produces new leads.