Driving traffic shouldn’t be your website’s first priority. When you focus on getting traffic before optimizing your website’s conversion rate you can easily end up wasting your time and money. 

A conversion (converting) is simply turning non-paying customers into paying ones. It is critical that you make sure your website traffic converts. Only when you have your conversion process worked out can you then drive more traffic knowing it will pay off.

We recently helped rebuild a new website that had a lot of traffic already but the conversions were very poor. Once we launched the new conversion-focused website followed by traffic boosting the results were almost unbelievable:

  • Conversion rate up 68%
  • Online sessions up 753%
  • Search traffic up 1,006%
  • Total revenue up 59%

Like you train your body for a marathon, you train your website before sending it traffic. Getting your website to convert requires a strategic approach. Yes, it still takes traffic to get great results but results do not start with traffic first.