Two things that need to stop appearing on your landing pages are impersonal testimonials and vague words. Vague words only confuse customers keeping them from buying from you. Impersonal testimonials lack emotion and make it hard for visitors to connect with them.

Impersonal testimonials

Testimonials that are not personal are no testimonials at all. Impersonal testimonials are sound bites and you need to avoid them like the plague.

A solid testimonial speaks about the customer’s personal experience and what problem was solved.

An impersonal testimonial might go like this:

“A great new restaurant is hard to find. Restaurant 1020 has great food. The staff is friendly and helpful.”

A personal testimonial might go like this:

“Finding a great new restaurant is not easy for us. When my wife and I walked into Restaurant 1020 the staff made us feel welcome and the dinner was great.”

Solid personal testimonials need to be three things:

  1. Specific: Do not use general details.
  2. Personal: Use of words like “I, we, or us.”
  3. Experiential: Address the gap or problem that was solved.

If you have the opportunity to ask for testimonials request and reach for these three.

Vague words

You can spend a lot of time on the look and feel of your landing page. However, if the words are wrong your landing page will not create the customer engagement you want. Being vague only confuses customers and causes them to leave your landing page. This is why you need to get your words right.

Saying something vague like, “We provide cooking solutions for the kitchen.” will leave customers wondering what “solutions” means. Are “solutions” products or services or both? If “solutions” are “products” then what are the “products”?

To overcome vague words you need to be less abstract. You need concrete words. Concrete words represent something tangible like “pots, dishes, and utensils”. Abstract words like “solutions” are not concrete.

Saying something concrete like, “We provide pots, dishes, and utensils for your kitchen.” will help bring clarity to customers right away.

Next Steps

Go find your top landing pages. Eliminate vague words and impersonal testimonials from them. The words you use have a big impact on customers and are more important than how your landing page looks. If your words are wrong, it will not matter how great your page looks, customers will not buy from you.