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Customer Story

Alice Ratterree

Metropolitan Arts Council



Before we worked with Business Website Leader, our website message didn’t perfectly align with our mission on the home page. The non-profit service focus was not communicating clearly at a glance, and donation links were not as prominent as they needed to be. We also struggled with donors being routed through a third-party site for donation processing. We needed visitors to immediately understand who we were, why they should give, and provide them easy access within our site to do so.



Business Website Leader elevated MAC’s mission as a service organization and support entity for the arts in Greenville to the forefront of our website. Not only were Jeff and Kevin able to do this visually, but they also took time to help craft a compelling narrative succinctly summing up whom and how we serve.



Membership forms and donations are housed on our website and it’s wonderful to be able to access everything in one place! I am thrilled that we have customizable forms housed right on our site for our member artists in which all information can be exported neatly to an excel worksheet. I look forward to our next application process, which I am confident will be more user-friendly for our artist applicants.

Metropolitan Arts Council

Support & Be Part of Greenville's Vibrant Arts Scene