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Customer Story

David Conley

Masters Financial Group



We believed that we had a decent website, but after polling a few of our clients we realized that our website though functional was described with words such as "simple, dated, basic and slow". We wanted a website that reflected a professional image and was a useful tool to accomplish two primary goals:

  1. Tell people what we can do for them (in their terms).
  2. Make it easy to take the next step which was to schedule an introductory phone call.



Jeff & Kevin took the time to not only understand what we do but helped us focus on what we wanted the website to do. They helped us tailor our website home page to the "StoryBrand Concept" which was to clarify our message.



The website is consistent, presents a professional image, informative and functional (we have incorporated video on the website). Prospects use of our website over the past 90 days has been 360 visitors, 1 in 3 (117 in past 90 days) have gone to the About Us page, 1 in 8 website (43 in past 90 days) visitors go the Schedule a Call webpage. Not everyone visiting a page will schedule a call, the fact that they stay on our website and visit the pages tells us the website is effective.

Masters Financial Group

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