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Customer Story

Gordon Lake

Fittest of the Upstate



Prior to engaging with the Website Business Leader we were operating on a web page that did not have the ease of accessibility, creativity, and vision that we desired. The website was also lacking the "pop" that we wanted to engage our clients with. One of the biggest problems Business Website Leader solved for us was bringing our product and showcasing it on a premier platform. Also, Business Website Leader solved the problem of providing an "ease of use" for our website where it is easily accessible and navigable and the "Call to Action" steps make the next step process clear and concise for our clients.



Business Website Leader collaborated with us as a team to provide the best services and best product to meet our needs. Business Website Leader continued to take the time to meet with us to brainstorm ideas, provide tweaks to already implemented ideas, and made sure the services they provided lined up with the visions and values we had for our company. I was honestly impressed with the level of professionalism and more so the level of relationism that was shown. Business Website Leader treated our project as the product was their own and they were willing to do what it took to provide excellence on our platform.



AGL Athletics LLC is better now because we are confident and proud of the platform we are providing our clients. More so, we now have a tangible website that has action steps of what needs to take place next and a road map for our clients to understand where we are going and how to be a part of our journey. Also, Business Website Leader not only provided us with amazing services they also helped us brainstorm on what the future of the services provided may look like for our clients and helped us brainstorm what could be our next steps upon working with them. Business Website Leader has allowed me more bandwidth to focus on other areas of my business and the confidence needed to know the platform we have created is a leader in our field.

Fittest of the Upstate

Become The Fittest of The Upstate.