We are frustrated too.

We noticed that businesses did not have a great option to get their new business website professionally done and get their website live fast so they get results from it much sooner.

Getting results from your website should not be complicated, stressful, or time-consuming.

On one end, you have the “free” try to do it yourself approach with WIX and Squarespace. On the other end, you can hire a professional web agency which is usually anywhere from $15,000 – $30,000 per website. Both of these approaches take several months to get your business website live to begin getting results.

This situation bothers us. We believe that working on the web shouldn’t be stressful or complicated. It should be empowering.

In response, we designed our business website platform to be a great value in cost at $6,000. Further, we get a new business website up in weeks, not months.

Our platform solution has three parts:

  1. Our Approach
  2. The Platform
  3. A Guide

Our Approach

Businesses need an approach that gets results sooner.

From start to finish, we launch business websites in 4 -6 weeks on average. We can do this because of our amplified approach. This is the same approach we have used to take the six-figure businesses into seven-figure businesses.

In our amplified approach, we break the web project into phases. This refined process helps us to make a website in a matter of weeks:

Phase one, we:

  1. Craft an impactful message for your brand.
  2. Create two high-quality conversion-based pages.
  3. Drop-in all of your existing content.
  4. Customize our platform’s design to your brand.
  5. Focus on one big goal.

Phase one is our base package and costs $6,000.

Phase two, we:

  1. Develop any custom features you need.
  2. Refine existing the drop-in content that was added.
  3. Add new conversion-based landing pages.
  4. Get traffic through the appropriate ad buys.

Phase two is customizable and can be done right after the launch of phase one or months later.

How Others Do It

Other agencies will take the exhaustive approach, which takes months and a lot more cash up-front. In the exhaustive approach, there are no phases and they try to get everything done at once.

There is nothing inherently wrong with this approach if done correctly. However, in our experience, exhaustive web projects really delay results and reduce results. Here is why:

  1. Long, exhaustive website projects cause everyone to lose focus and the main goal gets missed.
  2. Long, exhaustive website projects tend to get stuck more often which drags them out even further until going live to get results started.
  3. Long, exhaustive website projects launch ineffective websites because so many compromises are made in a battle to fight the clock.
  4. Long, exhaustive website projects constantly have scope creep because the project takes so long other ideas, features, and wants arise over the course of the long months until it goes live.
  5. In the end, the exhaustive approach has great intentions but not great results.

The Platform

The platform that runs a website is critical for getting results.

We built our website platform with the best practices we used to get results for our multi-million dollar enterprise clients. In the end, our $6,000 platform outperforms the typical $30,000 agency website at almost every level:

  • It is blazing fast! As an example, our platform scores 30-50% higher on the Google PageSpeed Insights test than most $30,000 professional web agency sites.
  • It makes conversions priority one and while still looking great. Typically, agencies focus most of your budget on making the website pretty, not getting results.
  • It is built on WordPress without compromise. Again, agencies tend to build their sites using bloated and slow platforms.
  • It is highly-refined in terms of design so we come to you with patterns and systems proven to work. Most agencies start with a blank slate, and after weeks of effort, ask you if it looks good; they don’t tell you how it performs.

A Guide

We found that most agencies aim to get your website completed and you don’t hear from them again unless they are looking to make a sale.

This did not sit well with us.

Businesses need a guide when it comes to their website. A guide is an expert with empathy. A guide cares about the results you experience and stays with you on your journey.

We are a guide for our business partners. Here is how:

  1. We send out monthly updates with insights and actionable information that can help you grow your business.
  2. We don’t stop working on your website once it has launched. We update your website platform with SEO upgrades and design improvements over the course of the relationship.
  3. We are always available to talk. We want to know how your business is doing and what we can do to help.

The Results

The results have been fantastic for our clients. They have seen fantastic success. Moreover, that success happened fast.

For example, when After School Plus came to Robojuice, their website was not bringing in new customers. When they came to us, they talked about their vision and how the site was not performing.

As our conversations progressed, After School Plus decided to take the amplified approach, and within a few weeks, so many customers scheduled tours they became a little overwhelmed by the increase in enquires.

Today, After School Plus is not stressed about their website. They are focused on growing their business while we manage their website.