We are super excited to announce the next version of the Business Website Leader platform. This new version will increase the conversions rates and lead generation for all our client websites. As you know, lead generation and conversions on your website require four fundamental ingredients:

  1. Speed.
  2. Messaging.
  3. Look-and-feel.
  4. Traffic. 

Our new platform upgrade hits three: speed, look-and-feel, and traffic. Plus, we have added many new features to make your site editing experience more fine-tuned and powerful.


Just a 10% increase in site load speed can result in a 7% increase in online sales (according to a recent study by Shopify). So better sales are why we put a massive focus on fast website loading.

We have always led the pack in terms of business website site speed. It has never really been close. Our client sites, on average, already load 70% faster on mobile devices than other agency-built sites. But, we are never satisfied.

With this upgrade, our platform is taking another massive leap in speed with a 3x boost in terms of speed. Here is how:

  1. Servers: We have faster website servers hosted by Kinsta. Previously we were hosting our sites on a custom AWS server infrastructure. It was fast. Now we are even faster with Kinsta.
  2. CDNs: We added two content distribution networks (CDNs). One CDN optimizes image media, and another optimizes code.
  3. Image Compression: We added advanced image optimization and AI so every image uploaded to our platform automatically compresses and renders quickly without editing or technical work.
  4. Removed Large Code Libraries: We no longer use bulky JavaScript code libraries like jQuery, Vue, or React. These libraries slow down websites, so we dropped them completely. 


We want the websites we make for you to grow and evolve as the internet does without the need for a whole new redesign. You shouldn’t have to pay for a new website design every few years. Instead, your website should be top of the line all of the time. Our platform upgrade delivers both subtle and robust design enhancements so you can keep using our website platform for years to come without a redesign. 

So, to keep your website feeling new and modern, we have improved or added:

  1. Iconography.
  2. Menu navigation design.
  3. Color scheme controls.
  4. Button design options.
  5. Mobile experience.
  6. Many new page layout options.
  7. New design components.
  8. Social media links.
  9. Blog design options.
  10. Website search pages.
  11. Video background banner.
  12. And more.

Further, our enhanced platform uses modern web design code. To do this, we have dropped support for the Internet Explorer (IE) browser. IE is Microsoft’s 8-year-old web browser replaced by its new Edge browser. With IE representing less than 1% of website traffic, it no longer makes sense to limit our platform and your website with old technology so that IE will work. You need a modern website that feels fast and fresh. An 8-year-old web browser is not modern.

Internet Explore (IE) usage from 2007 to 2021


Traffic is at the heart of getting leads from your website once your messaging and conversions are in place. Our new platform boosts your existing traffic by introducing further search engine optimizations that increase your search ranks:

  1. We are now using the built-in sitemap from WordPress that Google helped design.
  2. Enhanced On-page markup like meta descriptions, titles, and headlines.
  3. Site speed is a significant driver of new traffic because it tells Google that customers will enjoy your website more.
  4. We score 100% in Google lighthouse technology for SEO.

Site Editing Experience

We put a lot of work into the Business Website Leader platform, so it is easy to use and helps you make elegant pages that drive leads to your business. But, making your experience a delight when login into your website is also a priority for us.


WordPress has a new editor called Gutenberg. While Gutenberg is a powerful tool, it is not yet suited for making full-blown business websites. However, Gutenberg is excellent for making engaging blog posts and simple pages.

In this new platform, you now use Gutenberg for making blog posts and simple pages.

New Page Builder

We have greatly improved our page-building experience. If you want to make a minor edit to some copy on your website, it is as easy as ever. However, if you’re going to make a whole new page, you have even more control. There is a lot that is new. Here are just a few of the key features.

New Components

We have many new components. Plus, all of the existing components have gotten huge upgrades!

New Page Builder and Components List

Copy Components

Copy components with a single click. You can now duplicate entire sections and reduce the amount of data entry you do.

Copy Components Feature (Red Arrow)
New Design Schemes (Scheme Field)


Fully control the background color of each component using any of your site’s predefined color schemes.

Page Revisions

Our new page builder now includes a revisions system. Now, if you make an edit and need to undo the change a week later, you can.

Revisions List
SEO Page Settings

Page SEO

We now have an improved SEO page meta system with an enhanced UI and tools.

Site Admin Experience

You can now set your admin experience to a minimal mode to cut back on clutter and deliver more focus to your website’s admin experience. Note the number of menu items loaded.

Without Minimal Mode
With Minimal Mode

More Frequent Automatic Updates

Our new platform will also include many new updates over the coming months to make your website even more powerful, faster, and conversion-focused. So, expect to hear more from us soon. In addition, we crafted the new platform with the ability to upgrade your website without long periods between releases.

More Value

Not only is the Business Website Leader platform seen an upgrade. We have also added several new systems to bring next-generation technology to your website.

Your Tech Stack

Included with every Business Website Leader managed partnership: WordPress 5.8+, Cloudflare, Mailgun, imgIX, TypeRocket Pro, Kinsta, Kinsta CDN, UptimeRobot, Gravity Forms, Search WP, Akismet (Spam Blocking), and WP-CLI Cron.

With these technologies working together you can rest assured you are getting the best in class systems running your website.

Already a Business Website Leader Client?

Once the upgrade is complete here are some things to know:

  1. Your website will no longer support Microsoft’s 8-year-old Internet Explorer web browser. However, it will support their new Edge web browser.
  2. We will need to upgrade you to the new Google Tag Manager over Google Analytics.
  3. Your website design will look different, but your conversion-focused content will remain the same. All design changes will keep your website feeling modern and make room for improved features.
  4. It will take some time to learn the new features work, but we are here to make that process as simple as before.

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