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Customer Story

Mark Green

White Horse Inn


"When we first contacted Robojuice our website development was stalled. Robojuice diagnosed the problem with clear recommendations on how the project could be fixed. We hired Robojuice to design our WHI website to drive traffic to our website and help us with our non-profit media work."


"Strategy, brand awareness and communication strategies were all comprehended in Robojuiceā€™s recommendation. Robojuice drew up a clear, understandable schedule with clear milestones and costs. They delivered on time and within budget on every milestone. Along the way they helped us think clearly about what we wanted to communicate and the best way to communicate using online media."


"Our website works and our numbers are climbing. Before our engagement with Robojuice most of our time was spent worrying about our website.  Now that it works, and works how it should, we can focus our time on serving our partners and recruiting new friends to our mission."