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Metropolitan Arts Council

Working daily to support every discipline of the arts in Greenville, SC.

Customer Story

Alan Ethridge

Metropolitan Arts Council


We approached Robojuice because we needed an app for our Greenville Open Studios event that would function across a majority of phone platforms with differing screen sizes. We needed help with user experience , design and functionality. We also needed help merging our website information with information on the app.


Robojuice solved our issues by creating a Progressive Web App for the event. Both Apple and Android devices have access to the app without going through the app store which saved us time and money. We can upload information into the app through our website and users can also access information from a desktop. They also greatly improved the map feature as well as the overall design and functionality of the app. 


Come Open Studios time our lives are a lot easier because we only have to enter data for the website and the app into one place rather than entering information for 140+ artists in two different places. We can update the app ourselves and don’t have to go through wait times with Apple to get a change in place. This is also essential for last minute changes closer to the event (if an artist cancels or their address was incorrect). We’ve had a number of people tell us that they used the app and it was very helpful. It’s great for us to be able to provide another tool for the Open Studios weekend and we look forward to seeing use of the app increase each year!